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I was so angry. I lost control.

I remember running after this guy with a stick. I couldn’t stop whacking him, even when a teacher saw me. I had a bad temper then.

Because of this, I was called to the school office. By then, all my friends had been expelled. I was the only one left. Mrs. Steve, my school’s discipline mistress, wanted to speak with me. So I did. And what she said lives with me till today.

“I see a spark in you – don’t throw that away. I love you like a son.”

I was 14 then and her words really hit me. Here was someone who cared about me, telling me not to throw my life away. She thought I was worth saving – something I had never considered before. I told myself I needed to change. I stayed in school, and started doing well. I battled the darkness in me and soon after, I found my faith in Christianity. Throughout the entire time, it was Mrs. Steve’s words that kept me going.

I’m now 45, married, with two kids of my own. Life could have easily gone a different way. But I’ve had many angels in my life – angels like Mrs. Steve.

And now, her legacy lives on with me.


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