Exhibition | The Best of You


What is one experience that you are most thankful for? Happening at Sengkang Public Library, journey through stories of triumph, hope and dreams of people from all walks of life and be inspired.

Come down and experience “The Best of You”.


1 – 12 Aug 2018,
11am – 9pm

Sengkang Public Library 
Level 4, #04-19



Programme Highlights




Human Library

What if every human was a book? Would you judge them by their cover, or would you pick them up, wanting to learn more? In this Human Library, you borrow people instead of books. Break down social barriers between one another as the “books” share with you their extraordinary personal stories and feel free to ask them any questions.

4 Aug, Sat : 2.30pm – 4.30pm

*Suitable for ages 15 years & above

Limited slots available

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Leather Crafting Workshop 
with Personalised Love

Led by talented special needs artisans, learn the techniques of leather crafting and complete your own unique handicraft. You will get to interact with the artisans and understand the true meaning of social integration.

5 Aug, Sun : 2pm – 4.30pm

*Suitable for ages 12 years & above

Limited slots available

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Craft for Good with 
Embroidery Artist Tan Lishan

This is a crafting workshop with a meaningful twist. You will try your hands on embroidery crafting, create your own unique piece and dedicate it to someone from the marginalised community, whose featured story at the exhibition has moved you.

11 Aug, Sat: 2.30pm – 5pm

*Suitable for ages 12 years & above

Limited slots available

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Face Painting with Artist
Bella Belle

Join artist Bella Belle in this fun face painting session as she transforms your children into the characters of their dreams. A princess? A superhero? Whatever they wish to be, Bella has got you covered!

5 Aug, Sun: 3pm – 6pm
12 Aug, Sun: 3pm – 6pm

*Slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis



Featured Artists and Personalities 


The Best of You