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The Best of You social movement is appearing at Marine Parade Public Library for the first time this September!Immerse yourself in an exhibition of inspiring stories of appreciation, triumph, hopes and dreams from people of all walks of life, in one space!

On the weekends, learn basic sign language during a storytelling session with author-storyteller Grace Phua as she rouse you imagination with her debut book, “Mommy, can you hear me?”. The book describes her journey growing up with parents who are hearing-impaired. If you’re fan of face-painting, let Bella Bella draw what words can’t express on your face.

By sharing these inspiring stories, we hope to challenge stereotypes and break down barriers between communities that are often excluded from the mainstream narrative. Come down to experience The Best of You Exhibition and leave inspired!



2 – 15 Sep 2017,
10am – 9pm

Marine Parade
Public Library,
Level 1



Programme Highlights




Storytelling Session
with Grace Phua

Join us in an interactive storytelling session conducted by Grace Phua, author of a children’s book titled “Mommy, can you hear me?”. Inspired by her experience growing up with parents who are both hearing-impaired, she’ll be teaching some basic sign language as well!

2 Sep, Sat : 3pm – 4pm
3 Sep, Sun: 3pm – 4pm
9 Sep, Sat : 3pm – 4pm
10 Sep, Sun : 3pm – 4pm

*Suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old

Limited slots available

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Face Painting Session 
with Bella

Using water-based face paints which are easy to remove, let Bella work her magic and paint quirky designs from the likes of the heroic Elsa to the cheeky-looking Cookie Monster on your face. Who says library session can’t be fun?

2 Sep, Sat : 4pm – 6pm
3 Sep, Sun : 4pm – 6pm
9 Sep, Sat : 4pm – 6pm
10 Sep, Sun : 4pm – 6pm

*Slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis


Featured Artists and Personalities 


The Best of You